Date:07/02/2003 20:26:50:00 AST (WED)
Subject:I received confirmation

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> Hello Shannon
> We registered the first day but have not received a comformation as of yet
> on the internet.
> Are we just being inpatient ?
> Jerry & Dianne Howell

Hi Jerry and Dianne,
I received my confirmation about 2 hours after I registered.  But, my understanding from reading the Roadfly Message Boards is that others didn't get theirs until the following day.  There were also people who recieved duplicate confirmations, and there were some people who recieved confirmations for other people and with other people's credit card payments.  It's been a mess.  They are still trying to sort things out.
You might want to check the Roadfly Message Board to see if anyone registered but failed to get a confirmation. 
Here's the link:
If you can't confirm that you're registered, you might want to get on the waiting list.  Rumor has it that most everyone on the wait list will get to go.