Date:08/12/2003 10:42:40:78 EDT (TUE)
Subject:BeaveRun Track Time

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Would any one be interested in some track time with the Porsche club? $275 for two days of instructed driving. Pretty good price. And roadsters are allowed, unlike the BMW driving events. Hotel is $84, dinner buffet is $17pp. Total weekend cost for single ~450, including food & gas. A pair of drivers would be $750 total. Please let me AND Bob Long know ASAP if you plan on attending. There are limited slots, so sign up fast!


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>> Subject: BeaveRun

>>>     My name is Bob Long.  I'm with the Mid Ohio Region Porsche Club. We're having a drivers ed event at BeaveRun on September 20 & 21st. Could you please post this on your website telling your members about it. Registration forms are at <>
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>>> Bob