Date:07/09/2003 23:32:44:00 AST (WED)
Subject:Need advice on repair

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Hello Everyone,
I decided to check the condition of my spark plugs on my 1.9L.  Big mistake.  The first 3 came out easily and looked good.  The 4th one was stuck.  I applied some torque, and managed to shear the threads off the plug.  The plug threads are now in my cylinder head while the remainder of the plug came out intact.
Here's my delimma.  The previous owner had these plugs installed at Foreign Auto (E. Main St., Whitehall).  They were installed 4 months ago. 
I've taken my car to Hatem Automotive (5th Ave., Granville) since I purchased it a few months ago.
Does anyone have experience with either of these garages?  Can you give me advice on where best to take the car?
I understand it's possible the remainder of the plug might be removed using an "Easy Out" tool.  It's also highly likely the head will have to be removed.  This ordeal could cost me around $1000 if they have to remove the head, drill it, and place a helicoil.
But, I'm afraid if they don't remove it, I'm going to end up with metal shavings in my cylinder.  That will cost me far more than $1000 to repair. 
I'd like to hear anyone's advice on work they've had done by Foreign Auto or Hatem.  I also plan to call Midwestern BMW in the morning.  But my guess is they will be the most expensive of all.
And, if anyone has advice on the wisdom or foolishness of trying to drill/tap and place a helicoil while the head is still in place, I'd appreciate that too.
98 1.9L (3-Cylinder)