Date:07/11/2003 10:54:12:00 AST (FRI)
Subject:Re: COZOG Digest #354

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Thanks for the feedback.  The garage that put these plugs in 4 months ago
was Foreign Auto.  I don't want to make unfounded accusations, but I have to
assume they over-torqued or cross threaded the plug.  Though I recognize it
could have been a bad plug.

I had my Z towed to Tom Hatem yesterday.  I'm awaiting the verdict.  Quotes
so far range upto $1500 if the head has to be pulled.  YIKES!!

In answer to your question, my 1.9L has 75,000 miles on it.  I bought it
just over 3 months ago with 64,000 miles.  I've driven it to Chicago twice,
Arkansa for a BMW ralley/drive, and to west Texas for an astronomy star
party.  I've put 10,000 miles on it in 3 months!  It has been a blast.

It's going to Homecoming next month.  (the only question is whether it's
going on 3 cylinders or 4!).

I just fogged my airbox and put on a Magnaflow exhaust.  I was planning to
put on polyurethane sway bar bushings and a Strong Strut butt strut.  And, I
wanted to do a Dinan software upgrade. Sigh.  I think this spark plug
incident just ate up my car budget for the next year or so.

Thanks again for the feedback.  I'll let you know the outcome.

98 1.9L Montreal Metallic Blue

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> Hi Shannon:
> I've used both Foreign Auto and Hatem for many BMW repairs. I would
recommend Hatem. I used to go to Foreign Auto exclusively and they did an
excellent job. John Best is a very nice guy and really knows his beemers.
But he no longer does much if any actual work on the cars. Lately I have not
been happy with some of their diagnostics and work in general.
> I have since switched to Tom Hatem and been very pleased.  They might be
slightly more expensive than Foreign Auto but they are very good.
> I hope this helps and good luck. Just many miles are on your
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