Date:07/12/2003 18:46:39:24 EDT (SAT)
Subject:Re: COZOG Digest #356

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I hope it works out for you. Keep us posted!

Todd Johnston
Founder, COZOG

Central Ohio Z3 Owners Group

Message #: 1
    From: <>
    Date: 7/11/03 8:11:56 PM
 Subject: Spark plug update

I feel I need to state something.  I talked to  John Best at Foreign Auto Car again.  He has offered to try to take the  plug out of my car.  I wanted to set the record straight, since my previous  email might have sounded unfavorable towards his shop.

The plug is still in the car... but, I'm hopeful it  will be out soon!  (and the head still on).

Thanks everyone for the feedback regarding my  delimma.