Date:08/04/2003 16:26:22:00 AST (MON)
Subject:RE: COZOG Digest #363

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As much as we would enjoy this drive and the delightful company we will not
be able to attend.

Kathy and I have had some great miles with the ///M this summer,  We just
got back from a round trip to Bald Head Island (via state routes) a week ago
and will be heading to Toronto via Windsor for a long weekend on the 15th
with my brother-in-law who just took delivery on his new Z4.

Have a good trip and see you all soon!

Dan and Kathy

How many of you plan on making the Ohio River drive on Aug 9th? We'll be
heading straight south all the way to the river on backroads. We'll follow
the river a little and come back home on Rt. 23.

Please let me know by Friday, Aug. 1, so I can plan things out. Hope to see
you there!



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