Date:02/04/2005 08:25:39:00 EST (FRI)
Subject:Re: COZOG Digest #399

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No slight to the Cozog folks intended, running an email list can be difficult, especially when you are trying to make it easy for all the Z people to get on – to also keep the spammers off.  It’s not so much spam here, really.  If you have to leave this list but want to stay together on another list, I invite everyone here to join 300 Z3s on Z3 Rides email list.  You are more than welcome to wrote about Central Ohio stuff for Central Ohio folks there, and also for those who might just be passing through Ohio and would like to meet up with Cozog folks.  It also may be helpful if you are driving out of Ohio to meet up with the rest of the Z3 world.
 It’s just an idea, I do not mean to put this list down, as I am staying on this list myself!
 It’s been too darn quiet on Z3 Rides lately anyway, we’d love to have some BuckeyeZ noise! :)

Sign up for Z3 rides
Via Web:
Via Email:

(On yahoogroups you can also sign up for a “digest” which means you only get one email maximum a day from Z3 rides, with all the day’s emails packed into one, or read it off the web only.  Z4 owners may be interested in bmw-z4 list,  email )

Hope this helps,

On 2/4/05 6:53 AM, "Stephen Herzog" <> wrote:

Please remove me too
You probably could remove us all since there are no updates, and the regular amount of BS emails is just annoying.
thanks! wrote:

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Message #: 1. Please remove
From: "Slunglo"

Message #: 1
From: "Slunglo"
Date: 2/3/05 7:55:18 PM
Subject: Please remove

Please remove my email address from you site....


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