Date:07/14/2003 21:48:54:00 AST (MON)
Subject:Foreign Auto Car saved me!

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Hello everyone,
I wanted to give you an update on my spark plug saga, and say thanks for the advice and comments.
I sheared off one of my plug's threads while doing a routine check of their condition.  The threads remained in the cylinder head, while the rest of the plug came out. 
John Best at Foreign Auto Car on E. Main Street (Whitehall) got it out with an EZ Out.
He did a great job, and saved me over $1000 by not having to pull the head.  My towing bill was more than the repair :)  I really appreciated his courtesy and concern.  They had installed these plugs 4 months ago, and he was eager to get it out and look for any evidence of cross threading.

There was none.  The threads looked normal. 
Whether it was a case of a defective plug, or over-torquing when installed, there seems to be no definitive way to know.  Since the threads came out so easily, it seems very possible it was defective plug.
Just to pass on his comment:  He said he had seen this a few times with Bosch plugs but never an NGK before. 
Thanks to everyone who responded to my previous posts.  And, I wanted to give John Best at Foreign Auto Car credit for his great work.
1.9L (with 4 cylinders again)