Date:03/24/2004 19:25:58:00 EST (WED)
Subject:Recommended garage for BMW repairs

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Hi Z3ers,
I'm headed to Texas next week to do the Spring Hill Country Z3 Drive with the Dallas-Ft.Worth club.  Of course, right before I was ready to head down, my check engine light came on.  I took it to Best Auto Works (formerly Foreign Auto Car) for diagnostics.  John Best, the owner, discovered a faulty secondary air pump.  Seems to be a common problem (at least on the 1.9Ls).  There was no affect on drivability or performance, but it does change emissions and sets off the error codes.
Replace it along with associated parts can be as much as $650.  Fortunately, John took the time to analyze my situation and determined he could clean up and rebuild my pump.  My total with all his diagnostics and a few additional repairs was $250. 
I have had my car to John in the past for other problems.  He has always done a superb job and his fees are less than some of the other shops in town.  If you're looking for a mechanic you can trust your Z to, try him out.  Best Auto Works is in Whitehall on N. James Rd.  (near the airport) Phone 614-236-5151.
Just thought I'd pass it on.  These cars can be picky.... they seem to need someone who knows them inside and out.