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I have to sell my Z3 because I'm about $2000 short of being able to keep it.
Please remove me from the mailing list.  I hate to be reminded of what could have been   :(
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Message #: 1. Z3 Fixit Day April 29 in Pennsylvania
     From: Rachel Corey <>

Message #: 1
     From: Rachel Corey <>
     Date: 3/22/2006 2:25:55 PM
  Subject: Z3 Fixit Day April 29 in Pennsylvania

The BIGGEST and the BEST Z3 Fixit Day ever- April 29, 2006

Allentown, Pennsylvania

The event is FREE BUT YOU MUST REGISTER and abide by the Fixit Day rules.
(You do not have to have any work done but you still have to register with
your Z3 to attend. NO WALK INS.)


For more information see

To register email with subject line: Please sign me up for
Fixit Day!  (Then follow the instructions to register on Evite)

Come celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Z3, the 10th successive year of
Excellence for Daniels BMW and Welcome Blitzsafe!

New this year:

Beautiful new BMW Excellence Dealership

Twice as many technicians

iPOD SOLUTIONS and other audio bling from

Evite Registration (you MUST use the Evite site to register)

As usual we are Fixin:
ALL BMW work

ALL Dinan work

Paintless Dent repair

Custom Xpel paint and light protection

Interior leather repairs

Wheel scuff repairs

Seat Rockin Fix

Footwell light installs

More more more than I can list here, just ask when you register!

As usual we are Givin:
Collecting goods for Third Street Alliance Women and Childrenıs Shelter


Bookmark this page for Z3Rides info:
or just check!


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