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Lynne and I had a great time again this year...our third homecoming.  We
convoyed with the Northern Ohio group led by Cindy Reller.  We
eventually had 16 cars in our convoy by the time we stopped in Alcoa,
Tennessee on Wednesday night.   On Thursday morning we passed through
the Dragon, good ole Route 129, 318 curves over an 11 mile stretch of
roadway.  Some what hampered this year by other vehicles, SUVs and
Buicks, but we eventually got around them so we could pick up the pace.
Our group was split up by the other traffic, and I ended up leading a
small pack through, caught up with a group of other Zs from the Midwest
Group, must of made them nervous because a few pulled over to let us by
so we could make better time.  It was strange going through this year as
some of the cars were coming to a dead stop to take pictures of the
trees with markers for those who did not make a turn or two.  Quite a
surprise to come around a corner and find a bunch of cars sitting in the
lane where you want to be.  Everyone made it through without incident,
and a few made it through several times before we moved on down the road
to Greenville/Spartanburg.

Had a great time as usual.  Several of us managed to get our cars in the
front row for the Friday night event in downtown Greenville and we
managed to get our car's picture in an article in the Greenville paper
as a result of being up front.

The Performance Center events were interesting this year too.  They
offered an option to drive their vehicles on the courses.  We chose to
take them up on the offer and drove the X5's through the obstacle course
that consisted of a large water hole, an off-camber roadway through the
woods with mirrors folded in for clearance, climbing a large rock hill
and descending the other side (a 45 degree slope) using the hill
descending feature on the X5.  There were other various bumpy sections,
swampy stuff and a whole lot of fun in someone else's $60,000 vehicle.
One expression that became popular was "NYC", meaning not your car so
drive it like you stole it.  We then thrashed Z4s on an autocross type
track and a timed slalom course.  Two cars ran the autocross course that
was made up of two identical halves, racing each other to see who could
finish three laps first.  We drove 3.0 liter Z4s with auto
transmissions.  Those poor cars...we really did drive them like we stole

Good plant tours, got a good spot in the panoramic picture, great
Saturday night banquet and show at the plant.  They set up the Saturday
banquet in the section of the plant where the Z3s were made,
specifically the part they called the body shop - where the basic body
structure came together for the Z3s.

It was a really good time and we're planning on going again.  The
weather was fantastic this year, no rain until we headed home.

BMW puts on a really good time for those who made it this year.  Kenn
Sparks, the Plant PR guy told us that everyone on the wait list was
given a spot and was invited to attend.  They registered 530 cars this
year.  They didn't give us the breakout between Z3s and Z4s.

If you have questions, let me know.


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