BMW's product launches in next two years
08/23/2002 12:09:22 PM

Luxury German carmaker BMW AG said on Thursday its second-quarter pre-tax profit rose 2.5 percent to 1.02 billion euros, broadly in line with expectations, and reiterated its outlook for the whole year.
    The results come as the company embarks on the biggest product offensive in its history at a time when car markets are uncertain.
    By 2005, BMW says it will have tripled the number of models it offered in 1992. Following are the model and engine launches which BMW has so far announced for the next two years.
 - Oct 2002 - Z4 sports car to replace the Z3. The car, which will be launched in the United States first, is important for the company's sporty image. BMW is hoping the larger Z4 will attract a broader spectrum of buyers than its predecessor.
    - Jan 2003 - New Rolls Royce. BMW will gain the right to produce Rolls Royce cars from rival German carmaker Volkswagen AG next year following a legal battle for control of the brand in 1998.
    - Later in 2003 - New 5-series limousine. This will be BMW's most closely watched launch as its 5-series is the company's main profit driver.
    - In 2004 - New 1-series car, which will try to tempt VW Golf buyers to trade up to a BMW.
    - In 2004 - New 6-series car, which will come as a large coupe and convertible.
    - In 2004 - New X3 sports utility vehicle (SUV). This will be a smaller version of BMW's popular but expensive X5 SUV.
    - Oct 2002 - Diesel engines for the flagship BMW 7-series, which could prove key to the car's longer-term success as 40 percent of luxury limousines sold in Europe are diesels.
    - Beginning 2003 - 12-cylinder engine for the 7-series.
    - Early 2003 - New six cylinder engine for the 7-series.
    - 2003 - Diesel version of the Mini.