Next Generation M5 Performance Info
10/04/2002 07:53:01 AM

From AutoSpies....

"The new 5.5L V10 has many of the innovations integrated into the valvetronic 6.0L V12, as such, there will be no throttle bore, the valve timing will be varied instead (electric motor smooth responsiveness). This new engine - so an engineer friend of mine in Munich says will use Gasoline Direct Injection. The horsepower peak is said to be at approximately 7000rpms and torque is peaking around 4000. It is a high winding engine, and best of all it gives that amazing responsiveness no turbo or supercharged engine can match (yeah i am talking about you Audi and MB). Also, curb weight target is under 3700 in standard manual form and under 3750 in SMG (yeah, did you hear, that is going to be an option (the SMG will debut 3-6months after the M5). Also, it is said that the engine uses an under square bore/stroke. So lets recap:

550hp nat. asp at 7000
480ftlb (est.) at 4000
Rear wheel drive through 6 sp and complex helical differential
3.68:1 rear axle ratio

Lbs/Hp 6.77
Lbs/Hp in a Dodge Viper: 6.8 (0-60 time - traction limited is 3.8 sec. best run)

Which would lead me to believe with a complex traction system, and that power/weight, the new M5 should be keeping the 0-60 under 4 - which no overweight RS6 or RS6 - burdened with the drag of all wheel drive and an automatic could never match."